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Established over 20 years ago, EPAC is an art and game dev school in Valais, surrounded by the beautiful Swiss Alps with a Mediterranean climate in summer and a winter perfect for skiing and snowboarding.

EPAC is located in Saxon, an attractive environment close to the old Roman town of Martigny and Sion, the Capital of Valais.

With the excellent Swiss rail network, it is also good to know that it is less than one hour by train from Lausanne, 2 hours to Geneva and the international airport, and that France and Italy are only an hour away.

Why Study Abroad?

Personal development

You will become more independent and able to make your own decisions, including how to balance your time between fun and learning. Immersing yourself in a new culture and language will help you to gain an international perspective. So as the world gets smaller, you will be able to grow and choose the future that is right for you.

Career opportunities

Any international experience will be an advantage to you once you graduate. It enhances your career options and your life experience. It shows employers that you can take risks, are independent and can work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Employers will see that you are forward thinking, pro-active and planning your own future and that you want and are ready for a global career and lifestyle.

Friends forever

Making friends while studying abroad is not difficult. Other students in the same situation are just as worried as you may be and it is our role to help you integrate with international and local students. Soon, you’ll be making plans for your free time with your new friends, just don’t forget to call home from time to time.


Once you have taken the step to study abroad, travelling and seeing the world becomes second nature. Explore locally and across Europe from Switzerland and your connection to local students will make it easier to immerse yourself in the culture and make friends to go travelling with on the weekends.

Culture & language

Most international courses are taught in English when you go abroad so it isn't compulsory to learn the native language of the country. International students, learning in English are now commonplace but a little knowledge of basic phrases in the language of that country will help you to settle and integrate and make life a little easier.

Why study abroad
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