Game Art/Development

The Game Artist is responsible for all the visual aspects of a video game: what the individual characters look like and how they are animated, the environment they move about in and its 3D modeling, the storyboard, the graphical interface, and so on.


This department will function just like a real video production workshop, and aims to market one or more games developed by students. At the end of their training, students will have acquired knowledge and experience which they can proudly list on their CV when seeking work in the field of video games.

This department works just like a real video game developer’s production workshop. The aim is for students to design a game or prototype game in their second year. By the end of your training, you will have acquired the knowledge and experience needed to apply for a job in the video game industry. Key tuition points include: designing a 3D video game, research, art concepts, the basics of 3D modelling, 3D creation and implementation, graphical user interface and illustrations as well as facilitating exchanges and collaborations with stakeholders in the video game industry through internships and conferences.

Year 1

  • Game Art

  • Multimedia

  • Game Design

  • English Language

Year 2

  • Game Art

  • Game Design

  • Marketing

  • English Language

EPAC Academy of Contemporary Arts

Teaching Comic Art, Illustration, 3D Modelling, Digital Painting, Animation, Concept Art, EPAC is open to all inventive, curious and creative persons.

With Professional-orientated Game Art Course and Exchange agreements with universities in Europe and Asia, EPAC is the place for students to learn comic art and game development in Switzerland.


T: +41 (0)27 744 31 26


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