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EPAC, creating educational books and games for primary schools

Not for the first time, EPAC is proud to have been chosen by the Canton of Valais for the graphics, illustration and augmented reality of the book "Once upon a time the Rhône".

Previously, EPAC has collaborated on several projects with the Department of Culture in Valais as welle as with the Swiss Parliament on “ Le Parlement Fantastique ”.

The mission for this project was to illustrate the history of the river Rhône and make it accessible to primary school students in Valais. Guided on this adventure by teachers at EPAC, they have created child friendly worlds through illustration and comic strips with a touch of humour. This helps the primary school students to better understand the many influences involved; natural, social, financial and political.

The plan is to distribute the book in local schools after Easter and it is already available in bookshops locally. Following our project last year for primary schools in the Cantons of Vaud and Ticino, we are delighted that our students are able to participate in the education of the community and of primary school students.

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