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Every vote counts. Animation competition across Europe.

Animation is a passion shared by many of us. Everyone has great childhood memories of afternoons spent watching cartoons or animated movies and has their own favourites.

The EPAC animation class has recently made an animated video for the latest release from Water Lily, a groupe of musicians based in Sion. The video to the song "Let go of the reins" has been entered into a European-wide animation contest for animated and short films made by students, held by Arte, a French and German television channel.

Four students Sarah Furrer, Noé Rouiller, Nathan Morier, Noémie Guérin, guided by the animation teacher Dessimoz Mathias created the video to help launch the song for Water Lily. The competition is a bonus and they have until February 28 to see how many votes they can obtain. Maybe even win.

Check out the animated video here and don't forget to vote for it.

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