How to win a prestigious comic strip award?

The simple answer would be to attend EPAC Swiss art school and take a comic strip class.

That's exactly what happened to Virgile Albasini, the winner of this years' New Talent 2019 competition at the Lausanne BDFil Festival.

Virgile drew the cartoon as part of a comic strip class during his Préparatory Year at EPAC art school and as he says, it was pure inspiration. The whole idea for the six images came at once, so he put it down on paper. The class theme was "Shadows" and BD teacher Alain did have the BDFil competition in mind when he set them the work as this was also the theme of the competition.

It was clear that Virgiles' comic strip was exceptional, highlighting his sense of humour inspired by cartoons such as Gumball, his favourite as a child. Since then his preferences have moved to Japanese culture and manga, an area he is keen to explore this year with his animation classes.

Both funny and beautifully drawn, Virgile feels that this comic strip is not his definitive style and wants to explore as much as he can at EPAC Swiss art school before deciding on an area for specialisation.

Having completed the Foundation year, Virgile is now a first year student and this week is taking a week-long workshop with Philippe Jozelon, illustrator and painter based in Paris. Using Böklins "Lîle des morts" as their inspiration, Virgile and his team must build a model of a castle on an island, creating, designing and building the model, then photographing it in such a way to set an atmospheric photo montage or video which mirrors the atmosphere set by Böklins original.

Working in team of four students, Virgile has already noticed that teamwork needs patience and collaboration, but it is helping him to learn how to stay calm and make decisions as part of a team. A new skill that will be put to the test with every team building event.

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