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International Game Artists at EPAC

EPAC Swiss art school has the pleasure to welcome Amir Erfani and Taraneh Karimi for a Game ART Workshop from 13-17 MAY!

Amir is a Game Producer in the Amsterdam Webble Games studio, and is the Creative Director for their own indie team Space Fox Studio. He has been a key figure in the game and digital arts industry for a while, developing and leading a digital art community and a small indie team. Amir is now working on "Havocado" as a producer and his personal project "Lona: Realm of Colors" as team lead and director.

Taraneh Karimi is a 2D concept/story artist and character designer working at Gamehouse studio in Netherlands and Art Director in SpaceFox Studio. Her work is mostly focused on design, illustration, storytelling and concept art serving her personal project "Lona: Realm of Colors" as well as Gamehouse's narrative-based games.

Check out their sites and come back to our workshop page in May to see more about how EPAC students benefited from this close interaction with game artists.

Website: 3D Artwork:

Instagram: ArtStation:

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