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Jury duty in art schools.

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Today is the start of jury week for students at EPAC swiss art school and there is no shortage of stress and excitement.

It’s a challenge for many art students at the end of each semester when they have to face the jury for portfolio reviews. These can at first appear daunting but with the correct preparation they should be seen as a way to discuss your art in a constructive way.

Students must prove that they have reached a certain level of knowledge or skill and have the opportunity to highlight their favourite pieces from the semester. The selection process by the student should take into account not only what he or she likes but also how much the student has understood the process of creating and choosing the subject, the materials and the motivation behind the finished works.

It is typical of art schools in general that the end of semester is marked by the jury week and both students professeurs take the procedure seriously. It can be difficult to accept the comments in good grace, but it is the role of the jury to provide constructive feedback hand help the student move on to a better performance in the following semester.

The end of jury week is always marked by a special occasion and this Friday students will be visiting the Maison d'Ailleurs Gallery in Yverdon to see the fascinating "Mondes (Im)parfaits" exhibition.

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