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Top 5 Comic Strip albums

Eric Buche is a Swiss scriptwriter and cartoonist who recently gave a workshop at EPAC. Eric asked the students to develop a strip cartoon in 6 boxes, drawn from an extract from the film Zorro or Spiderman. The goal was to practice framing and imagery in a cinematic style.

Famous for Franky Snow (for whom he won the BD des Écoles prize at the Angoulême International Comic Strip Festival) and Le Vent des Cimes. We asked him to list his Top 5 favorite comics. Those that had an influence on him.

As a great reader of comic books, choosing only 5 comics was difficult but these titles are very different styles and there should be something for everyone.


Written by American author Winsor Mc Cayen 1905. We follow the hero's adventures in his dreams, so it's a magical world and astonishing graphics that awaits us. Winsor McCay is a forerunner of modern comics. It is also a precursor to animated films.


Around the same time, in 1913, Krazy Kat was published. The graphics are very different, simpler and in black and white. This comic presents poetic gags. While comics do not yet have the notoriety that they have today, these two very different examples are already heralding the very rich and varied evolution that the 9th art will take.

3 SPIROU and particularly Panade in Champignac

Spirou's last album produced by Franquin before devoting himself to Gaston Lagaffe. The graphics are similar to that which will be found later in Gaston. His line, always in motion, is fascinating: everything is moving!


Eric discovered his first Manga with Akira, first with the cartoon he saw at his bookstore in Japanese in the 1980s. He then read the comic. Akira is written and illustrated by Katsuhiro Ōtomo. Its author will also direct the animated film which will be released before the last albums.


Written by Frank Miller, this is the first time a comic book hero has been used without following the rules. Bruce Wayne is 55, retired, and not as young and fit as in previous performances.

Do you agree with Eric’s choice? What has he missed? Let us know what you think of his choices and let us know your favourite.

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