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What would you want to be after the apocalypse?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

If you were a character in a Jan Kounen post apocalyptic movie what would you choose to be?

This was the challenge facing our Yr 2 students this week during their workshop with Philippe Jozelon. Students were given the choice of seven different characters including a princesse, a shaman or a mercenary to design, draw then make the costume and become the character for a photo shoot.

This exercise has quickly taken over the minds and bodies as students get to appreciate the difficulties in making something they have drawn on paper come alive as they prepare the costume for their new persona. The final stage will be the shooting and using photoshop to illustrate the character, putting them into a universe that they will also need to create.

This is the second workshop that Philippe Jozelon has given this year at EPAC. The first saw the Foundation and Year 1 students creating models and using Photoshop to give their interpretation of l'Ile des Morts by Böcklin.

Check out some of the costumes and characters have been created so far this week and the final results will be updated on Friday.

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