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What you will see when you study in Switzerland.

There are several students at EPAC considering where and especially if and how they can study abroad next year. Taking a period of study abroad is a great way to discover the world and helps you to look at things in a fresh way.

Lin Yuju, a visting student from Ming Chun University in Taipei, spent a year at EPAC last year to complete her dual degree. Extracts from her final diploma project highlight how you can look at your new environment and apreciate the cultural differences.

Yuju was struck by seeing the "elders skiing smoothly" in ski resorts, travelling on clean trains full of polite passengers always willing to help, well-dressed tram drivers and considerate road-users in cities, barbeques in the mountains and lieing under the stars at night and finally sport-loving, healthy citizens with an outdoor lifestyle.

Nobody would argue with any of those points and Yuju helps to identify why Switzerland is a key education destination.

There must be somebody eating cheese or chocolate in these pictures somewhere. Let us know if spot them.

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