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EU/EFTA nationals do not require a student visa for Switzerland.

Nationals of Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore do not require a student visa for Switzerland and will be registered for a residence permit upon arrival.

Nationals of all other countries will need to apply for a student visa at the Swiss embassy or consulate in their own country. The visa is valid for 90 days and upon arrival in Switzerland, and students will be registered for a residence permit upon arrival in Switzerland. With this they can travel to the other countries of the Schengen area for up to three months without any additional visa.

Applicants need to contact the Embassy or Consulate in their country or download the application form online and standard documents required to obtain a visa are;

  • visa application form

  • passport

  • recent passport size photographs

  • confirmation of enrolment from EPAC

  • present diplomas or transcripts of school records (certified translation in English)

  • confirmation of the tuition fee payment

  • curriculum vitae in English

  • motivation letter

  • write a statement about your future plans after finishing your studies

  • written confirmation about your commitment to leave Switzerland once you have completed your studies

We will be able to advise you further about this at the time of enrollment.

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