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Zermatt, most famous mountain in Switzerland
Safe and friendly

One of the safest countries in the world, international students from all over the world have chosen Switzerland because they feel safe living here and that in turn reassures their families. If you want to live in a friendly, efficient and organised country where people have a taste for the good things in life at a leisurely pace, Switzerland is the right choice.

Quality education with an International network

Switzerland has a top-class education system within its international, multicultural and multilingual environment. It is home to many international schools and universities and many global brands have established their headquarters in Switzerland. Students will receive a quality, globally-focused education. Study in an environment where cultural differences are understood and celebrated, learning and living with new friends from all around the world will expand your social and professional network.

Explore Switzerland

Its easy for International students in Switzerland to explore regions and cities using the a vast transport network that is famous for being on time. Take a train through beautiful mountains, take a boat and cross the lake, visit the countryside by bus or why not take a bike or even hike? The famous historic cities are not only beautiful but also exciting and vibrant places that should be experienced and will leave a long-lasting impression.

Explore Europe

Switzerland shares borders with five European countries so go with your new international student status and take a weekend trip to Paris, Milan, Munich, or many other places which are within easy reach. There is no shortage of exciting destinations to visit as Switzerland really is at the heart of Europe.

The Alps all year round

The stunningly beautiful Swiss Alps and excellent climate will contribute greatly to your enjoyment of life in Switzerland. You can ski, snowboard or experience many other exhilarating winter and summer sports. Challenge yourself to a hike in the mountain and take in the scenery. For many, climbing and the thrills of adventure sports provide the adrenaline rush they crave, yet all of this in quiet, relaxing Switzerland, a place that provides many happy surprises for visitors.

Skiers in snow, sun and blue sky


Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

The canton of Valais is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland.  It's home to the pyramid-shaped Matterhorn mountain, upscale Alpine resorts and upper Rhône River Valley vineyards. 

Winter sports & hot mountain spas

Valais benefits from a hot Mediterranean climate in the summer and in winter the Alps provide the snow to keep tourists and professional skiers happy for the season. Ski resorts in Valais offer a full range of winter sports in famous resorts such as Zermatt, Verbier and Crans Montana or small family friendly resorts. From Saxon, Verbier or Ovronnaz can be reached easily and you can always relax in the hot spas of Ovronnaz, Saillon or Lavey to ease the aching muscles and bruises.


Sport in Valais is an important part of cultural life, indoor sport such as badminton, squash or swimming or outdoor sports like football, tennis or golf. The great outdoors can be explored through adventure sports such as canyoning, parapenting or bungee jumping and hiking and biking can be as easy or as tough as you like. Continue your passion here or try something for the first time but it is easy to stay fit and healthy in Valais.


Sion is the Capital with the twin peaks of the castes towering over the old city and artistically lit at night. Martigny provides culture with the internationally renowned Giannada museum and the old Roman ruins provide a fascinating historic tour. The Roman amphitheatre is still used today for cultural events. The bilingual city of Sierre is the gateway to the Bas Valais where Brig is a bustling town, less than two hours from the fashion capital of Milan.

Tourism & transport

Valais was one first of the Swiss regions to host tourists and now Winter and Summer seasons see Swiss and international tourists enjoying the splendour of the region. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps, the scenery is spectacular and visitors needs are met at all times of the year.

Art, Culture and Events
Food & Wine

The lower mountain slopes are dominated by vineyards and local specialities are high- quality wines, unknown outside Switzerland. Proximity to Italy, France and Germany has influenced the menus with delicious cheese, dried meats and chocolate produced locally. Valais offers a range of international cuisines at restaurants in most towns or in supermarkets.

People & Language

Valais is a bilingual canton with French and German spoken, although the Swiss German version may not be easily recognised outside the canton. This individualism is what gives Valais its character. Valais has the reputation among Swiss cantons of being proud and independent. While you are studying in Valais you will come to understand and appreciate why locals are so proud of their home.

Valais has wealth of things to do on your free time and at the weekends. As a student you need to keep your work on track but don’t miss the opportunity to experience as much as you can while you are in Valais. Sports, music, gastronomy, film, local events and many more attractions and happenings will mean that your time in Valais is exciting and your memories will be eternal and very happy ones.


Sion Valere Castle
Saxon & EPAC lifestyle

Saxon is a municipality, in the district of Martigny, in the canton of Valais, in Switzerland.

You will love Saxon. This family-oriented village located in the heart of the Canton has great access to all of Switzerland and further away. A friendly place to live, Saxon has a great selection of restaurants and bars, supermarkets and shops, sports and leisure facilities, and being close to ski resorts is a major plus in winter.

Saxon is well known for its sunshine and the views of the Alps on all sides constantly remind you that you are in Switzerland. Traditionally an agricultural region, Saxon is bordered by vineyards and apricot trees.

It is a region that is rapidly developing due to its excellent location and living conditions and the last few years has seen new business come into the area. Recent additions to local industry include a private and public health clinic and a naturally heated spa and swimming pool will soon be part of this complex and open to the public.

For the last 20 years, EPAC, l’Ecole Professionelle des Arts Contemporain has been offering university level programs in art and game development on the Saxon campus, built by the local government for EPAC. The student studying at EPAC are in preparation for their future careers in the many and varied opportunities that will open to them at graduation and beyond.

With a student body of eighty to ninety students, EPAC students benefit from close contact with teachers and the attention that they need to perfect their talents. Most of the students are taking a Foundation Program or BA with the MA in game development growing each year. The EPAC administration office place all students that need it in local accommodation and are instrumental in creating the right welcoming atmosphere for international students, including airport pick-up.

Our small school fosters a close community environment and students receive the support they need for all their concerns, educational and personal. This is the great advantage of studying at EPAC and one you will appreciate, starting from the moment you make that first contact with us.

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