EPAC students benefit from exposure to, and being taught by professionals passionate to help them nurture their talent by sharing their vast experience through workshops as part of the program.


These workshops are an essential part of the learning process and provide students with fresh perspectives while providing the opportunity to work on a project with a professional theme and within a limited time frame, taught and supervised by experts in their field.

Recent workshops have included board game design and scenario development and each semester brings students a glimpse into the professional world and how they are can be expected to meet the demands of a competitive environment.​

Academic workshops:
  • Andrzej Bednarczyk, Director of the Academy of Beaux-Arts Krakow

  • Caza, cartoonist(Le Monde d'Arkadi)

  • Freddy Martin, cartoonist and illustrator

  • Frank Popper, art theorician

  • Julia Hountou, Doctor in art history

  • Camille Scherrer, interactive designer

  • Cuno Affolter, Conservateur du Centre BD de Lausann

  • Dustin Rees, freelance animator and teacher at the Hochschule of Lucerne

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Industry workshops:

  • Mery Pumpkin (Nov 2018) - Boardgame workshop

  • Antoine Maurel (Oct 2018) - Scenario workshop -publisher at Lombard Editions

  • Patrick Vallelian (Dec 2018) - Online journalism

  • Martin Panchaud (Sept 2018) - Financing a project

  • Greg Broadmore, concept artist (King Kong, District 9)

  • Grzegorz Rosiński, cartoonist (Thorgal)

  • Simon Otto, animator at DreamWorks animation

  • John Howe, artistic director "Lord of the Rings"

  • Eric "Buche" Buchshacher, cartoonist and illustrator (Franky Snow, Le Vent des Cimes)

  • Andreane Meunier & Stephane Assadourian (founders of Assassin's Creed) - Game Development Conference